About the Founder, Maker and Entrepreneur

Polished State of Mind founder, KC Springberg spends her days happily stirring up tiny bottles of stuff that glimmers, shimmers and shines.

How It All Started

She began making her own nail polish six years ago after she learned about possible exposure to chemicals like endocrine disrupters and carcinogens that are found in many store-bought polishes. She loved painting her nails too much to quit and wondered if there were other options.

“So, while the world was quitting, I started researching nail polish — what are the ingredients, what was required to be in nail polish, what were the unnecessary toxins,” she recalled. “I found a formula that was 10-toxin-free, which means it doesn’t have common toxins found in store bought polishes like toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and formaldehyde,” she explained.

She began experimenting with various formulas and wearing the results for about a year until friends and family not only clamored to buy it, but also urged her to start selling it.

Something For Everyone

Now the mom of a busy toddler, KC has decided to focus her professional career to making nail polish and working from home full time. Her goal is to reach women and girls of all ages who likewise opt for safer health and beauty standards, through selling in small boutiques and gift shops across the country. 

Each color is beautiful in it's own way, especially because most of them are inspired by special places and things that many hold dear - natural beaches, forests, mountains, and towns that make our beloved states so unique and the perfect place for many to call home.

"Inspiration is all around us," KC explains. "I find colors and shades everywhere I travel... from everyday beauty of people, small towns, big cities, nature, animals, music, festivals, and the general idea of finding happiness. These concepts are what breathed life into Polished State of Mind."

Customers who love her products are women of all ages, from moms with kids who love the neons and bright colors - to working women who are looking for something subtler. People both residing and visiting love the colors that were inspired by the places mentioned in the names of the nail polishes.  

“I’ve got something for everyone,” she said. “I’ve got the crazy colors for people who like to be out of the box and polish for women who work in an office and just want something sheer.”
“I think people come back because of the quality. They buy it first because of the name, cute logo, or the color but then they keep coming back because they love it.” KC explained.